Himalyan Saltlamps

himalayan salt lamps -

Himalyan Saltlamps

Himalayan salt lamps have been proven to purify the air, the warm glow will bring a scense of calm and well-being.  Our lamps come from the second largest salt mine in the world,  Pakistan (the area of Kashmir), this mine is the closest to himalayas.

Himalayan salt lamps carved from 250 million year old rock of crystal salt in different beautiful shapes, no two the same. These rocks are untouched by human polution, This mine has been in operation for centuries.

1. they clean and deodorize the room

2.Reduce asthma and allergy symptons

3.Ease coughing

4.Raise energy levels

5.Reduce EM radiation

6.Improve mood 

7.You will sleep better

8.Reduce static electricity

9.Help reduce seasonal depression

10.Look Great


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